Andhra Desa Grantha Bhandagara Sangham, established on 10th April, 1914, is the first library association in India and it was later named as Andhra Pradesh Library Association. In the first meeting of the Association in Vijayawada, poet laureate Dr.Chilakamarthy Lakshmi Narisimham Pantulu gave an inspirational message concluding with this thought provoking poem.

“The Sun’s light brightness everything;
So shall knowledge dispel darkness
And brightens every life

Air gives life to all and is freely accessible;
So shall knowledge be within the reach of all
Breathing life’s vigour into them

Clear water quenches the thirst of all;
So shall knowledge satisfy

The curiosity of the all the curious
And the hunger of the hungry for it.”

Using the thoughts expressed in the above poem as the “Veda” of libraries, the Andhra Pradesh Library Association launched its programme of not only establishing libraries all over the State but also organised training programmes for the efficient administration of libraries.