The General Body will elect the Executive Committee. This executive Committee will be in power for 3 years from the date of elections

The committee consists of Honorary President, President, six Vice-Presidents,one Gen.Secretary, three Joint Secretaries, three Asst.Secretaries, one Treasurer, and Twenty members from all over the State.

Objectives of Executive Committee

  • To implement the resolutions of the General Body
  • To frame the rules for organizing the District Branches and supervise its activities.
  • To Prepare Annual reports & Budgets.
  • To get the accounts audited by an auditor approved by the General Body from April to March.

Functions of the President

  • To preside over all the meetings of the Association,
  • To supervise all the activities of the Association,
  • To draft documents for the properties of the Association.

Functions of the Vice-President

To maintain the works assigned by the President and to preside over the meeting in the absence of the President.

In the absence of both President and Vice-President, the members in the meeting may elect one among themselves as the President.

Functions of the  Secretary

  • To implement the resolutions of the meeting
  • To maintain the registers and records.
  • To prepare annual reports and budget
  • To conduct the meetings with the permission of the President
  • To control the maintenance of the Library

Functions of the Treasurer

  • To take care of Association Funds, to maintain proper accounts and records.
  • To collect the money to deposit in the bank i.e. decided by the Association.
  • To maintain the vouchers of Income & Expenditure of the Association Systematically.


If the General Body and Executive Body want to take any decision it is necessary for the presence of a majority of the members at the meeting.

The Executive Committee is entitled to terminate its members who do not attend  three such meetings consecutively with no proper explanation.

Special Rules

To delete or add or to amend the bylaws of the Association, there should be a minimum of 2/3 of the corium members for approving the resolutions made by the general body.

If the Association is to be closed under any inevitable conditions, the properties of the association should be handed over to any similar organization, but not to any member of the Association.