The Mission of APLA is to work for the progress of

  1. i)   The Library Movement
    ii)   Adult Education
    iii)  Language and Culture of Telugus
  • To establish and maintain Libraries, reading rooms, Adult Education Centers, Cultural Associations and to encourage the establishment of similar Associations and admitting them as members.
  • To propagate knowledge and to create social awareness in the community by fusing all the available resources.
  • To propagate the Library movement through public meetings, tours, discussions, exhibitions and cultural programmes and to work for the progress of the language and culture of Telugus through publication of books, pamphlets and magazines.
  • To train librarians and volunteers for social service and Adult education programmes, and to maintain a register of such trained persons for the purpose of recruitment by employers..
  • To work for the proper enforcement of the Andhra Pradesh Public Libraries Act and to inculcate a love for reading in the public
  • To organize competitions that serve the purpose of propagating Andhra culture and Library Science and to award prizes to the winners.
  • To prepare bibliographies and catalogues of books that would aid  research scholars and to encourage the preparation of the same.
  • To raise fundsto carry out the above-mentioned programmes and to ensure the proper utilization of the same for the various activities of the Association.
  • To maintain relations and to co-operate with Associations and individuals having similar Ideology.
  • To establish branches and sub-centres throughout the State at the Regional, District, Talk and Town levels for the efficient decentralisation of the various activities of the Associations.
  • To organise an Information bureau to serve those who need the Information and to provide the same through Reference books and other Technical equipment.


  1. To work for the promotion of total literacy.
  2. To establish libraries in every nook and corner of the state.
  3. To provide free access to information to the public.
  4. To inculcate the reading habit among the public.
  5. To modernise libraries.