Granthalayasarvaswamu (1915– )

This periodical was started by Andhra Desa Library Association in the year 1915. It was used as a part of its activities for the spread and growth of the library movement in Andhra. . Prior to the availability of this periodical, people working for the cause of Libraries had to depend on other periodicals for publishing their articles, news, views and other materials. As it was not satisfactory, they started their own-periodical, GranthalayaSarvaswamu, a quarterly, in the year 1915. After a couple of years, this periodical was converted into a bi-monthly but after its sixth volume it turned into a monthly magazine. However it was out of print from September 1939 to October 1941 and during the same period it was published under the title AndhraGranthalayam as a bilingual i.e. English and Telugu, as a quarterly magazine. The name GranthalayaSarvaswamu was again revived in January 1948 and is continuing to be published under  the same title since then..

This is a monthly organ of the Andhra Pradesh Library Association devoted to the cause of libraries and adult education and also the oldest vernacular library periodical published in the country.

In the beginning it had published many articles on Telugu literature, drama, poems, historical aspects of literature and some historical articles of places etc. in addition to library and Adult Education.

This periodical did a great service in the first half of the century by helping spread the freedom movement in this state. It is a prestigious library journal, which helped to create a proper atmosphere in Andhra Desa for the establishment of libraries that led to the spread of knowledge and enlightenment among the people of the state. Besides articles on books and libraries it also covers all the important news related to the library world. This Journal benefits employees in ZillaGranthalayaSamsthas, through the information on their service conditions by publishing all the important proceedings of the Director of Public Libraries, Andhra Pradesh. At present the volume under publication is 72.


Sri IyyankiVenkataRamanaiah (1915-38) volume 1 to 12
Sri PaturiNagabhushanam (1948-87) volume 13 to 48
Sri Gadde Rama Murthy (1987-88) volume 48 to 49
Dr. RaaviSarada (1988 — ) volume 49 to —–