For the development of any subject or movement, publication of books and periodicals is necessary. The first periodical both in Telugu and English was published in AndhraPradesh and it was a great venture by the Andhras. The first periodical published in 1915 was GranthalayaSarvaswamu and some more periodicals were published now and then but they did not last long and all of them ceased to function after a brief spell. Besides these library periodicals, some prominent periodicals were also doing their bit to help to spread the gospel of books and libraries among the people of the state. AndhraPatrika, a daily news paper published many articles on libraries and encouraged people to participate in the library movement, These articles  inspired people to spread  literacy during the pre-independence period.

Andhra Granthalayam (1939—41)

GranthalayaSarvaswamu was published under this title during the period 1939—41. It was a bilingual quarterly. Sri AdusumalliSrinivasa Rao helped to publish this periodical. It used to publish articles on Library science, library news, suggestions in the development of Libraries , book reviews, announcements and articles on Adult Education, information of conferences etc.


Sri PunyamurthulaRajasekharam (1939 to 1940) volume 1 to 2
Sri Gadicherlaharisarvothama Rao (1940 to 1941) volume 2
Sri PaturiNagabhushanam (1940 to 1941) volume 2